MJ-1132F Sliding Table Saw

KDT’s 300series edge banders are entry level machines with prices under USD17,000. They are suitable for factories with basic needs, small spaces and those that wish to evaluate KDT’s quality edge banders. In fact, many of our users eventually upgrades to higher range models like the 360series and 450series.

Entry level does not mean features are saved. In fact, all KDT edge banders are built with the same quality components sourced from reputable supplier all over the world. Harnessing Korean technology and continuous R&D, KDT edge banders are quickly gathering praise from end-users and competitors alike. Stress tested to long working hours in a production line working with a minimum 20 hours a day, the KDT performs consistently and reliably. Such is the quality built into the machine, it will only be right to compare KDT with its European machine counterparts.

  • Key Benefits
  • Unbeatable price-quality ratio
  • Consistent edge banding performance
  • Simple design make it easy to maintain
  • Spare parts are inexpensive and relatively easy to obtain
  • All KDT machine come with 1 years guarantee!
  • Key Features
  • Teflon-lined gluepot for easy maintenance
  • End trimming units run on prismatic diagonal slideways from Germany
  • Honeywell limit switches for timing control
  • Parker high speed drive units
  • LG Master PLC Controller
  • Schneider Electric frequency inverter
  • Delta touchscreen control panel
  • Delta temperature controller
  • Technical Specification
  • Feeding Speed                  12-16-20 metres/min
  • Width x Height                  1000 x 1600 mm
  • Panel Thickness                10-60 mm
  • Edge Thickness                 0.4 – 3.0 mm
  • Panel  Width                      >80mm
  • Working Pressure            0.6 MPa
KDT-302 (Length 3380mm, Power consumption 6.5 kW)

KDT-320 (Length 3000mm, Power consumption 7.3 kW)

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