Very Fine Dust Extractors

EurofilterEurofilter 300M VZ


Advanced dust collector for fine dust and high pressure application. Ideal for sanding application, edge banders and CNC Routers. Eurofilter is mounted on wheel for easy mobility with fan, filters, cleaning system all built in a single body. Choice of 2 type of cleaning system: Moto-shaker or Reverse Pulse Jet. Provides extraction value of up to 6,000 cmh at 3400Pa static pressure.




Ideal for very fine sanding extraction like lacquer sanding, veneer sanding, AIRCOMPACT is virtually self-maintaining while providing constant high extraction performance. Fine dust are filtered by Class “M” (99.9% of dust size 0.2-2micron) cartridge filters, which are  cleaned by Reverse Pulse Jet system. The smart cleaning system is controlled by a PLC  “Economiser” which cleans filters based on filter clogging state.



CORAL ‘AIRALT’ For Dangerous Dust

AirAlt is designed for filtering very fine and dangerous (possibly explosive dust). While maintaining the key features of AIRCOMPACT, the AIRALT is constructed with a steel body. Units can be ATEX-certified on request.