Panel Sizing Saws

hpp300 powertouch

HOLZMA HPP-300 CNC Panel Sizing Saw

HPP-300 is a fast, reliable, accurate and versatile CNC-saw for panel sizing. The CADmatic machine interface is powerful yet easy to use, with a 3D bird-eye view of cutting sequence as well as a Touch-screen panel. Features key selling points: Patented central side aligner, ecoPlus energy savings package, counter-balance saw carriage, camera-controlled scoring saw. The HPP-300 also comes with saw cutting height controls, enabling groove-cuts and stress-relieve cuts. Further improve productivity with optional rear-loading of panel stacks (HPL-300) and optimiser software “CutRite”.


HOLZMA HPP-180 CNC Panel Sizing Saw

The HPP-180 panel is the perfect saw for entry level user requiring a fully automatic sizing solution. Priced affordably, the HPP-180 retains many key features of the superior HPP-300: Patented central side aligner, ecoPlus energy savings package, counter-balance saw carriage. Equipped with CADmatic Basic machine interface, the saw is easy to operate, offering a 3D bird-eye view of cutting sequence on a 17″ TFT Screen. Available as optional add-on are label printer and ‘CutRite’ Optimiser Software.




CYTEK CPS-10 Manual Running Saw

CPS-Series is perfect for small batch size production of wooden panel. The running carriage wiht a 13HP motor makes cutting effortless and convenient. A eye-level swinging panel houses a fully electrical saw control system, meaning easy machine operation and ultra-low maintenance. Dust extraction ports integrated on the pressure beam allows effective dust control. Available in cutting lengths of 2600 / 3200 / 3800 / 4300 mm.


CYTEK CA/CPB CNC Panel Saw (For Plastic, CCL, Aluminium Plates)

Adapted for tougher material, the CYTEK CA/CPB Series incorporates a saw carriage that run on linear bearings, offering higher precision and stability. Saw motor power starts from 18HP and saw cooling unit is built into the saw carriage. CYTEK “FastPanel” machine interface is easy to use with programmable cutting plans stored on the Industrial PC. Available in front or rear loading executions, and with several cutting lengths choices.




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