Sliding Table Saws

2015_Altendorf F45_2

ALTENDORF F45 is highly customizable and the worlds most advanced sliding table saw in the market with a choice between 3 types of CNC-machine interface: PRO-DRIVE, EVO-DRIVE, ELMO-DRIVE. The 2015 design features  eye-level controls and a flat front for obstruction-free sliding, greatly improving ergonomics. Optional motorised fences, inverter drives, table clamps, larger  motors and negative tilting arbor further improves productivity. F45 handles wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals effortlessly.


ALTENDORF WA8-T/TE is the workhorse for serious carpenters and interior designers. The WA8 was conceived for more cost conscious users, while retaining Altendorf’s fundamentals of accuracy, precision and reliability. The WA8 retains many key features of the F45: maintenance free sliding carriage, play-free flip stops, durable hardchrome ripfence bar, cast-iron saw carriage, efficient 7.5HP motor. The tilting saw arbor comes with a digital display for accurate bevel cuts. Choice of manual saw controls (WA8-T) or  motorized saw controls (WA8-TE)

2015_Start 45

ALTENDORF START-45 is the entry level industrial saw for carpenters. Comes with a 5,5HP main saw and a 0.75HP scoring saw. The machines cuts to 3000mm in panels and rips up to 1300mm. The saw height and tilt controls are manually operated by handwheels.


ALTENDORF WA6 is a light-duty industrial saw with a compact footprint. This makesit perfect for small carpentry workshops, schools and laboratories. Come with a max cutting length of 2600mm and rips up to 1000mm. Manual saw height and tilting adjustments.