Sanding Extraction Walls

ZincocarZincocar - Working Principle - Copy

CORAL ‘ZINCOCAR’ Sanding Booths

Zincocar is an area extraction booth, perfect for hand sanding of large workpieces. By working with the semi-enclosed chamber, a horizontal airflow is achieved which transpots dust towards the suction wall. Zincocar is zero-maintenance by virtue of its self-cleaning pulse-jet filter backwashing system. An onboard PLC economizer cycles the cleaning pulses back on filter clogging states, saving on compressed air consumption. Available in working width of 2,3,4,5,6 metres. Other sizes available on request.

Also suitable for use as a powder coating booth.



Zincocar-DF was launched in 2016 and ideal for smaller workshop with tighter widths and low height design of 2200mm! Filtering is achieved by M-Class filtering cartridges and automatically maintained by a smart pneumatic backwashing system, that is controlled by a PLC economizer. Horizontal mounted cartridges allow quick and easy filter replacements. Filtered dust are collected in lower slide-out tray accessible from the front.



DEPURECO BUDDY is the ideal vacuum to complement all sanding job as extraction is achieved almost at point of generation. The BUDDY connects via a conical rubber joint to hand-tools like orbital sanders, belt sanders,  grinders etc. The handtool can also be electrically and pneumatically interlocked by a microprocessor. This means when turning on/off the handtool, the vacuum reacts corresponding. Filters are also automatically cleaned by a moto-vibrator installed on board, to ensure higher effectiveness, longer.