KS-332/338 CNC Panel Saw High Speed

KS-338 High Speed CNC Saw

Giben panel saw, built by KDT. Harnessing the latest technology from Giben, this panel is great value for money. Giben is a well-known 65 year-old Italian company that make exceptional panel saw. The high saw carriage speed combined with its 115 cutting height makes this an extremely productive saw. Giben’s airflow floating table also make handling panel a breeze while minimising surface damage. Featuring Giben’s proprietary G-Drive User Interface on a WindowsNT software, realtime cutting process and workflow guidance is all displayed its large 15″ LCD screen. In short, KDT-833G/838G promises high productivity, high yield,  low wastage at an extremely economical price.

Key Features

  • High saw carriage speed for greater productivity
  • Powerful 20HP main saw motor
  • High 115mm saw projection lets you cuts more each time
  • Proprietary G-Drive control software with real-time operation monitoring
  • Quick tool change system for the saw blades
  • Accurate feeding grippers moving on precise rack and pinions
  • Pressure beam on both side of saw blade for the perfect cutting result


Technical Specifications

Max Cutting Size 3300×3350 mm / 3800×4100 mm
Saw Projection 115 mm
Max Cutting Speed 170 metres/min
Max Feeding Speed 90 metres/min
Diameter of Main Saw 450 mm
Diameter of Scoring Saw 215 mm
Main Saw Motor Power 15 kW (20 HP)
Scoring Saw Motor Power 2.3 kW (3 HP)
Feeding Servo Motor Power 3 kW
Working Pressure 0.6 MPa
Machine Dimension Size 6100x5300x1850 mm
Machine Weight 3500 kg (KDT-838G)

 their counterparts in the office.


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