KS-226/232 Manual Running Saw

  • KS 226/232 Manual Running Saw
  • Precision round guidance track with hard chrome coating for smooth traverse
  • Vertical and lateral adjustment of scoring saw blade allows a burr-free cutting
  • Super heavy duty design in white colour
  • Dust collector system assures high efficiency dust extraction
  • Adjustable flip-stops on front and rear of the machine with quick locking
  • Touch screen operation control panel
  • Saw traverse length selectable to reduce wasted run and improve productivity
  • Air floating table to assist in panel handling with front loading wheels
Specifications KS-226 KS-232
Max cutting length 2650 mm 3250 mm
Saw projection 90 mm 90 mm
Forward carriage speed 15-45 m/min 15-45 m/min
Retract speed 70 m/min 70 m/min
Diameter main saw 360 mm 360 mm
Diameter scoring saw 180 mm 180 mm
Main saw motor 15HP 15HP

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