Altendorf WA8



Altendorf WA8 series is the most popular model for carpentry workshops and interior decorators. It offer great value while retaining Altendorf’s famed reliability and accuracy. The WA8’s solid machine frames offer a foundation for the excellent qualities. Available in 4-variants:

WA8-NT (Non-Tilting Arbor)

WA8-T (Tilting Arbor, Manual)

WA8-TE (Tilting Arbor, Electric Control)

WA8-X (Tilting Arbor, Electric Control, CNC Rip Fence)



  • Sliding table length   2600 / 3000 / 3200 mm
  • Ripping width             1000 / 1300 mm
  • Crosscut fence             1800mm, extendable to 3200mm
  • Main motor                   7.5 HP, 3/4/5000 rpm
  • Scoring unit                  1 HP,   8200 rpm
  • Max blade diameter   Dia 350 mm
  • Max cutting height    100 mm
  • Machine Weight          1100 kg

Available Options:

  1. DIGIT-L / Digital Readout for Cross-cut fence
  2. DIGIT-X / Digital Readout for Ripping fence
  3. Large overhead extraction hood (standard on WA8-X)
  4. STEG / Additional Table Support
  5. PALIN / Additional fence for long parallel cuts
  6. DUPLEX / Compound mitre fence for picture frame cutting

Space Requirements