Italpresse ‘XL’ Hot Press

  • ITALPRESSE XL/6 Hydraulic Hotpress
  • Choice of table size: 2500x1300mm / 3000x1300mm
  • Choice of daylights (openings): 1 daylight (Boiler 12kW)  / 3 daylights (Boiler 27kW)
  • Key Features
  • 120TONS total thrust
  • 6 pieces thrust cylinders
  • 3kW hydraulic group power
  • Max. platens temperature 120 C. degrees
  • Loading on four sides
  • Assembled steel platens covered by aluminium
  • Upstroke movement of the platen
  • Platens heated by DIATHERMIC OIL
  • Heating by ELECTRIC BOILER
  • complete with pump, oil plant and first oil filling
  • Mobile platen down stroke by push-button
  • Automatic reset of the pressure
  • PRESSURE-TEMPERATURE TIMER controlled  by the computer installed on the press

  • Safety Features
  • Two hand cycle start push buttons for  safety on the control panel
  • Self lubricating guides diagonally  placed for flatness control
  • Safety e-stop cable on all four sides  of press
  • Lower mobile platen safety locking  device for use during maintenance  procedures

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