Integrated Production System

Making the most of the advantages of the Daido Integrated Production System.

The process to manufacturee TBS band saw blades is controlled by computers, from melting to final inspection. These computers retrieve the information necessary for each process stored in the product data (i.e data on chemical composition control in the melting process, dimensional tolerances in the hot and cold rolling processes, and heat treatment conditions) and activate these processes according to input information. As a result, delivery is controlled so that products with stable quality are providedin the shortest possible period.

The cold rolling process finished band saw to the specified thickness, which is measured immediately before rolling;l the data is fed to the DATA FEED FORWARD SYSTEM to control rolling and provide the necessary rolling pressure.

In November 1996, the quality system ISO9002 certification was acquired.

In June 1999, the environmental management system IS0 14001 certification was acquired.