Cutting Possibilities

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Altendorf just simply cuts.

Altendorf cuts effortlessly due to its smooth slider and powerful motor. It cuts wood based panels, chipboard, MDF,  plastic-based acrylic, plexi-glas & even aluminium extrusions and rods.

What does our customers in Singapore cut??

Wood based – Plywood, Chipboards, MDF, Laminates

Plastics based – HPL (High Pressure Laminates)

Metals – Solid Aluminium Rods & Blocks

Fire Safety Material – Calcium Silicate, Vermiculite

Altendorf means Versatility

Can be used for most of the cutting operations required in woodworking, making it the most versatile machine. For this same reason, it is also the machine that every woodworking factory need to increase productivity. Click on the picture to enlarge

Quick links:   Altendorf Main |   WA8 |    WA6 |   F45 |    Cutting Possibilities   |   Options |   After-sales


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