Optional Upgrades

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Large Protection Hood with Dust Extraction

The large Altendorf extraction and safety hood system boasts a design which ensures optimised airflow. You can switch between narrow and wide hoods in seconds. The hood allows cutting heights of up to 125mm (with or without scoring unit) and can be swung away fully to one side.

Manual Quick Action Clamp

The manual quick action clamp can be easily positioned on the sliding table and is equally easy to fix. The workpiece is then firmly secured on the table and held firmly against the crosscut fence. This provides extra safety at a very little cost.

Digital Cross Cut Fence

With digital display and fine adjustment allowing precise settings to within +/- 1/10mm over a range of 150- 3200mm. Each stop displayed at the touch of a button.

Digital Rip Fence

Digital display of rip fence position and fine adjustment guarantees repeat accuracy. Dimensions are corrected automatically when the fence is changed from the upright or the flat position.

Rapido Shimless Scoring Unit

For rapid adjustment of scoring blade without the need for shims. Width of scoring kerf is adjusted with the use of a quick set tool saving time and money.

Rapido Plus Shimless Scoring Unit

The latest addition to the Rapido range offers 3-axis motorised adjustemnet of the scoring blades. Activated by the keypad while the machine is running, values are displayed on screen and can be called up automatically.

Cross Slide Extension

The cross slide extension pull out can be used to give extra support when cutting long or large workpieces.


Extra support while sizing large panels, the STEG enlarges support area by 400mm.

Duplex Double Sided Mitre Fence

For quick and easy angle cuts 0-90º, the DUPLEX gives accuracy in complex mitre work.

Duplex D Double Sided Mitre Fence

Functions exactly the same as the DUPLEX mitre fence with the addition of a digital angle display which operates to an accuracy of within 1/100 degrees.

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