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Built to last

Altendorfs are fully designed in Germany for that extra long service-life. What we are talking about is a service life of 15 years and more! This transpires to the customer as lower breakdown rates of the machine while maintaining it high level of accuracy. This is an important consideration for all factories as downtime is always very costly.

Altendorfs are so durable,  there are even machines in service in Singapore that date back to 1982 manufacturing date! Furthermore every machine that leaves an Altendorf factory is documented and honoured. Original spares parts for machines, no matter the age can still be obtained. To ensure the integrity of your saw, we only supply Altendorf original spare parts.

Documentation & Spare Part Support

Great machines come with exceptional support. Every machine is serialized and comes with its own operation manual and spare part manual. The smallest nut and screw right up to the larger items are well documented in exploded diagrams to give you a  clear indication of the components that need to be replaced. Our technical staff are also on hand to provide problem diagnosis and advise on appropriate spare part replacement. All spare parts are original from Altendorf factories.

To obtain technical advise, please call Alliance Machinery at 6746 4200. We requires from you:

  • Model Number (Located on front of machine)
  • Machine Number(Located at the side of the machine)

Example of Machine Number

Proud Users of Altendorf Saws

Wood-Based Products S H Interdeco
Alwood Interior Contract Scan Furniture
Atrio Décor Sea Land Furniture
Cellini Design Centre Sea Quest
Chin Kiong Construction & Engineering Pte Ltd Shanghai Chong Kee Furniture & Construction
CLC Design & Contract Pte Ltd Shanghai Furniture
Damen Shipyards Singapore Pte Ltd Shanghai Hup Lee Design & Contracts
DB&B Pte Ltd Stancel Construction
Dimension Interior Stema Furniture & RenovationPte Ltd
E Design & Contract Superior Décor Pte Ltd
E&B Furniture System Décor PL
Enlighten Furniture Decoration Co Pte Ltd Tanglin Corporation Pte Ltd
Ewins Manufacturing Tarkus Interior Pte Ltd
Greatland Building Construction Pte Ltd Tat Wai Enterprise Pte Ltd
Group Interiors & Construction Pte Ltd Teck Lee General Contractor
Hin Yew Trading Union Furniture / dExpo
Hup Yew Sen Construction Vertex Design & Renovation Pte Ltd
Interteam Design Construction Wah Keong Furniture
Kpt Interiors Pte Ltd Woodcarve Furniture
Luxura Interior Design Woodsmen
Mansource Interior Z Shern Joinery Enteprise
Max Interior NUS Design Incubation Centre
New Lipo Furniture Other Materials
Nobel Design House Starke Singapore
Ong & Liew Furniture Garmco (S) Pte Ltd
Pactumax International Pte Ltd Eco & Sons Pte Ltd
Pin Décor LPC Industrial Service Pte Ltd

*if you wish to add/remove your company from the listing, please contact us at 6746 4200

Quick links: Altendorf Main |   WA8 |    WA6 |   F45 |    Cutting Possibilities |   Options |  Sales & Support |


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