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The Home of Altendorf

Located in Minden, Germany, this is the home of Altendorf where quality saws are designed.

Altendorf was invented by Wilhelm Altendorf in 1906 and is now used by well over 120,000 customers worldwide. Thee story of the Altendorf is one of unparalled success. Anyone who has ever worked on an Altendorf will enthuse about it, telling you they won’t use another saw. The Altendorf’s fame means it has many imitators, but none match up to the original. In the past 100 years, these inspirational saws have become legendary.

Production of the sliding table saws are done at 2 state of the art facilities in Minden Germany and Qinghuangdao Beijing. Regardless of the place of production, all machines that come out of an Altendorf factory are manufactured using the most-up-to-date methodology and under the strictest quality control.

2011  Models Line-Up

Motorised Electrical Tilting WA8-TE

WA8 – The powerful factory workhorse. Rise-fall/tilting done electronically. This popular model gives great of value for it’s built-in capabilities and innovation features

WA6 – The most compact Altendorf ever. Same cutting quality at a fraction of the price.

F45 – Altendorf Premier Model. The F45 has gone through 3 version and arguably the most successful model alive. It features a computer control panel and built with all the latest innovations from Altendorf.

Past Altendorf Models

2010 Altendorf WA8-T/TE/X

2006 Altendorf F45/ELMO

2004 Altendorf WA8 (Auto)

2004 Altendorf WA8 (Manual)

2004 Altendorf WA6 (Manual)

2002 Altendorf F92/T

1996 Altendorf F92/T

1993 Altendorf F45/ELMO/POSIT

1993 Altendorf F90/POSIT

1992 Altendorf C45

1992 Altendorf C90

1986 Altendorf F90

1986 Altendorf F45

…plus models so old, they are simply called “Altendorf”

Which one have you ever used??

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