Portable Dust Collector

All TrendyPlus dust extractor feature an balance impeller & large air-box to generate an enormous suction capacity. Our basic model TrendyPlus 1C/3 generates an air delivery of 3000m3/hr, easily twice of many competing brands from China and Taiwan. CORAL standard dust filter felt bags is rated to capture particles as small as 50 micron, half the diameter of a strand of hair. In short, it is a powerful compact wonder

Suitable for : Panel Saw, Edge Banders, Planer, Thicknesser, Spindle shaper and other small machines.

  • Superb airflow for effective dust removal.
  • Large air circulation box allows large airflow
  • Small footprint is useful for small and tight spaces.
  • Gloss painted exterior give excellent aesthetics
  • 50 micron felt filtering bag with large filtering surface
  • Quick change PVC dust bag allow fuss-free quick maintenance
  • Optional Upgrades: Filter Cartridges for best performance


  •  Accessories:
  • Replacement felt filtering bag
  • Replacement PVC dust collection bag
  • PVC grey duct hose, different diameters available
  • Hose clip for dust hose
  • Diameter reducers
Model Capacity Power Bags Opening Size
TrendyPlus 1C/3 3000 m3/hr 3 hp 1 180 mm 1200 x 600mm
TrendyPlus 2C/4 4000 m3/hr 4 hp 2 220 mm 1800 x 600mm
TrendyPlus 3C/5.5 5000 m3/hr 5.5 hp 3 250 mm 2400 x 600mm
TrendyPlus 4C/7.5 6000 m3/hr 7.5 hp 4 280 mm 3000 x 600mm