Sanding / Powder Coating Booths


 ZINCOCAR Sanding Booth / Powder Coating Booth

The ‘Zincocar’ booths are suitable for sanding, powder coating jobs or operations that generate very fine particle. They are constructed with galvanised steel plates, which can be painted upon request. The booth designs follows core criterions of versatility, modularity and efficiency.

A centrifugal fan mounted on the roof of the cabin creates a depressure within the booth working area. This forces the air flow into the booth driving the suspended dust particles through cartridge filters, which filter down particles as small as 1.5microns. The clean air passed through the filters and is returned to the work area by centrifugal fan. It comes standard compressed air tank which periodically deliver a blast of air to clean the cartridge filters. A PLC panel controls the programmable timer, connection, and electromagnetic switches for the pulse jet cleaning.

The combination of cartridge filters and jet blast cleaning ensure that filtering efficiency is kept constantly high. Dust particles drop down to a collecting tray accessible from the front.

  • Model                 Delivery          Ventilators           Cartridges
  • Zincocar 2        8,000m3/hr      1 x 7.5HP                           8
  • Zincocar 3      12,000m3/hr      1 x 10HP                            12
  • Zincocar 4      16,000m3/hr       2 x 7.5HP                         16
  • Zincocar 5      20,000m3/hr      1 x 7.5HP +1x10HP      20
  • Zincocar 6      24,000m3/hr       3 x 7.5 HP                        24

Working Principle


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