Downdraft Tables


Coral ‘BSW/P’ – Downdraft Filter with Filter Cartridges
The BSW/P is a self contained unit featuring sophisticated cartridge filters (instead of common filter bags), which are capable of filtering particle sizes down to 1,8 microns, filtering efficiency is rated at 99%.
Cleaning of the cartridges is done by a jet of compressed air, via an electric switch. The engineering study and design of every aspect of this unit, including the slot openings, guarantees that all fumes and harmful dust are immediately captured at the source, thus eliminating a health hazard. Coral’s BSW/P down draft tables are CE approved.

Coral ‘BSW’ – Suction Benches
Used in finishing operations, sanding in the wood and marble industries, engineering industry and foundries, etc. Precise engineering of the suction slot in our benches assures complete trapping of hazardous dust right where they are generated before breathed in by the operator with consequent danger to health. The waste produced during the various operations are routed towards the internal hopper and from here through connection ducting to the suction-filter unit (Aircom, CD, FM…) for the necessary separation and filtration.


Coral ‘POLIVAL’ – Filter Benches

The new “POLIVAL” filter benches can be used for a wide range of application in welding, trimming, grinding and lapping operations in the wood, marble , foundry and metal industries. the careful design of noxious fimes and dust as they generated , thus preventing them from being breathed in by the operator, causing irreparable damage. POLIVAL filter benches are paticularly recommended for air recycling in the work environment.Energy saving: POLIVAL benches are fitten with filter bags made from special tufted felt which allow filter yields of over 99% to be achieved. This means that filtered air can be recycled trouh the work premises with a considerable energy saving, especially durig the winter


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  1. Dear : Sir,Miss

    We are engineering trading house we would like to purchase the coral dust collector 4 bag type 3h/p capacity
    to attach with machine please send to us your quatation

    Thank Q

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